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It’s beautiful! It’s challenging! It’s fun! It’s nearby! It’s everything you would like a golf experience to be! And it’s affordable!

Golfers from the Detroit Metropolitan area and Port Huron, Marysville, and St. Clair County, Michigan enjoy the beauty of Solitude Links Golf Course and Banquet Center and the opportunity to experience a challenging round of golf on a well-maintained golf course. The course is easily accessible to golfers from Canada in the Sarnia and London, Ontario areas.

Please explore our site for more information on our spectacular course, to plan a golf outing, sign up for a league or golf lesson, review our rates and discounts, book an online golf tee time, or simply to learn more about the history and layout of the course. You can also make golf tee time reservations on our website or by calling (810) 982-3673.

We invite new golfers to experience one of the best golf courses in the area with some of the lowest rates and look forward to welcoming back returning golfers. You will experience a warm greeting and a memorable golf experience.

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  • Hole #1


    Par 5 | 544 Yards

    Our signature hole can be played as a par 4 or par 5 over the second lake. Playing the par 4 is pretty straight forward and the smaller green sits at the end of the first fairway. If you decide you have the distance, playing it as a par 5 will guarantee a long second shot to reach the green, which slopes from back to front to accept your shot or make a layup shot and leave yourself at least a 140 yard carry over water. Easily a birdie or bogey hole, Best of Luck!

  • Hole #2


    Par 4 | 403 Yards

    A short dogleg left Par 4, your target off the tee is the gazebo and the fairway narrows the closer you get to the green. Depending on which tee, you could hit to much club and reach the lake, be sure to stay away from the bunkers and water along the entire right side.  The green has a slight left to right slope toward the water.

  • Hole #3


    Par 4 | 376 Yards

    A slight dogleg right par 4, no need to hit the driver as a long iron or hybrid club will leave you with a short iron shot into our green.  Keep your drive to the left side of the fairway.  Your shot into the green should be well received with the green sloped from back to front.  Second shot seems to play longer than the yardage indicates.

  • Hole #4


    Par 3 | 202 Yards

    Long iron or wood is required to reach this straight forward and long par 3.  Green has a lot of undulation but is made to accept the long approach.  Many hazards are visible from the tee with the best bale out location to the right hand side.

  • Hole #5


    Par 5 | 401 Yards

    Coming out of the chute, your drive needs to be accurate, water is reachable but not visible from the tee and OB on the right hand side over the creek.  If your drive is positioned well you should have a excellent chance for birdie.  Green slopes from back to front and will accept your mid to short iron well.

  • Hole #6


    Par 3 | 222 Yards

    One of hardest par 3's with water surrounding the island and bunkers guarding the green. your best miss if your not on the green will be short.  Which will leave a easy uphill chip or putt.  Go long left or right and you are in the water which isn't seen from the tee box.  A par here is a good score.

  • Hole #7


    Par 4 | 430 Yards

    Tee shot is crucial, keep your shot left of the tree for a clear shot into the green.  The green is protected by many bunkers and would require a long bunker shot.

  • Hole #8


    Par 4 | 407 Yards

    Driver not necessary on this par 4.  Island green approach is best played by hitting a ball down the left side of the fairway.  But be careful, as the fairway slopes toward the water if your drive is too far left.  Second shot should be 150 yards to the center of green.  Hole plays longer than yardage indicates, so be careful and select the correct club.  Wind will play a factor as well on your approach.

  • Hole #9


    Par 4 | 409 Yards

    Depending on your tee box, the play is short of the bunker or over for the long hitters, but hitting this fairway is not easy, it slopes the entire way toward the water on left.  If your fortunate enough to be in the short stuff,  your second shot will be less then 150 yards into a green guarded by front bunkers and trees on the right.

  • Hole #10


    Par 3 | 221 Yards

    Take one extra club on this uphill par 3.  One of the few holes without water, but this tight approach makes it more difficult than it appears.  Don't go long as your chip shot will be running from the back of the green toward the front, if the pin is on the back side a rather impossible up and down.

  • Hole #11


    Par 4 | 424 Yards

    The hardest rated hole on the course.  Keep your tee shot short of the marsh and on the left side of fairway, this leaves a long iron or wood approach shot.  Big hitters should be able to carry the marsh from the blue or white tees, but this would require a 260 yard carry from the blue tees.  There is water along the entire left side which isn't seen from the fairway.  The green isn't wide and runs parallel to the fairway.

  • Hole #12


    Par 4 | 383 Yards

    One of the easier holes on the course, just need to get it over the water with your tee shot and your sure to hit the fairway.  It's a slight dogleg left with big hitters able to reach the green with their drives.  This holes two tiered green makes it challenge when the pin is in the back.  Don't go over on your second shot.

  • Hole #13


    Par 5 | 519 Yards

    Visually Intimidating this dogleg left par 5 is a great chance for birdie and even eagle.  Tee shot is crucial and needs to be placed in middle or slightly left of center to take some yardage off your second shot.  If going for green in two, your second shot is all carry of the lake.  The green slopes from back to front and will accept any long shots with ease.  If laying up, the play is just to the right of the fairway bunker with plenty of room up to the green.

  • Hole #14


    Par 3 | 141 Yards

    This is the shortest par 3 on the course.  The hole seems to play slightly longer than the yardage indicates, probably due to it being slightly uphill. The two tiered green makes it challenging based on pin location.   If the pin is in front, it's a great chance to hole your tee shot for a Albatross.

  • Hole #15


    Par 5 | 529 Yards

    Straight away par 5, with large fairway and out-of-bounds entirely down the right side and water down the left. Tough hole for those with a big slice or draw. Reachable in two for longer players, but leaving good yardage for third shot is key. Large green but not overly difficult. Leave the ball short for uphill putt.

  • Hole #16


    Par 3 | 209 Yards

    This par 3 is all carry.  The green slopes from front to back and left to right.  Be sure you have enough club and long is better than short.  Wind plays a major factor in club selection, the woods protects the tee box, but affects the ball once launched in the air and as you get farther away.

  • Hole #17


    Par 4 | 332 Yards

    Driver isn't necessary on one of our best designed holes with elevated green and protecting bunkers. This large green sits with multiple spines and is difficult to see from the fairway. The long bombers have a chance to reach the green, but aiming short of the bunkers and leaving your favorite approach distance is crucial.

  • Hole #18


    Par 5 | 564 Yards

    What a finishing hole, this Par 5 does have out of bounds up the entire right side but shouldn't be a worry since the fairway is extremely wide.   Hit right and you will be searching for your ball in the native fescue grass.  Go ahead and hit a long one off the tee and see if you can get there in two.  If laying up, the play is on the right side of fairway and away from the bunkers on left.  Large green will give the player a chance at birdie to win the match or shoot their lowest score ever.  Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed the course!

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